SX8-33 L'INIZIO DI UNA FINE THE BEGINNING OF AN END oil on canvas 30x30cm 2021.jpg

Ilaria  Sperotto Painter

Images, colors and emotions


 Oil painting 


SX8-33 L'INIZIO DI UNA FINE THE BEGINNING OF AN END oil on canvas 30x30cm 2021.jpg



I'm Ilaria Sperotto, born in Vicenza, where I live and work.

I am a visual artist, painter, ceramist and performer.

After graduating from the University of Architecture in Venice, I approached more and more assiduously in the arts field. For several years I attended artist studios, alternating painting to ceramics.

I like to paint while listening to music, get excited and excite others through my art.

For years I have been experimenting with a type of painting that gives voice to my emotions, following my instinct between figure and matter in an alternation of techniques. I like to experiment and experiment. In my works, there is a strong emotional basis, my painting is instinctive.

Sometimes I work the canvas impetuously, through the overlapping of pigments and signs, revealing the subjects with force but, on the contrary, in the ceramic, my subjects are hidden, confused in a cloud of possible evocations and references that each observer can interpret in his own way.
Predominantly strong colors in the paintings and evanescent in the ceramic as if they were two opposite poles. A tangle of emotions that emerge from the soul and from my personal path. My expressionism is partly abstract, partly figurative, but always metaphysical because in all cases it aims to go beyond the limits of reality to seek the mysterious and secret core of feelings.


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